A Rare Event Today….

TrafficWitch is having a PowerSurf with surf ratios doubled and a 2-4-1 on credit purchases. In other news – another rare event – Hit2Hit knocked off the top spot in TrafficHoopla by TezakTrafficPower. If you are not yet a member of TTP you are missing out on an excellent, well run exchange growing at more than 300 new members each week. To see the TrafficHoopla rankings….. And to join TezakTrafficPower….

Timely Reminder To Get 2012 Off To A Great Start….

Jason Wise of GradeATraffic has got some great advice to get the new year off to a great start if you are using Traffic Exchanges…. Check each of your sites to make sure they are all working correctly. If you are using a rotator, check all the sites on your rotator. Nothing is worse than your hard earned credits being wasted on a site that is not online anymore. Check…