The good times are coming back….

Well something earth shatteringly good must have happened for me to dust off the old blog and write a post!

And it happened on Tuesday when I woke and found an email in my inbox from the one and only Paul Kinder – the K in KRM. Paul is back! But not only that KRM and AKH media are merging.

If you do not know anything about Traffic Exchanges then that doesn’t mean anything to you but if you do know Traffic Exchanges then it is pretty much earth shattering.

With the problems that have beset Traffic Exchanges over the last few years culminating in the decision by a well known payment processor that they no longer want to do business with this little sector of online business then this news I believe can only be good for us.

I should link to a couple of relevant blog posts here…..

Paul Kinder Blog explaining the merger

Steve Ayling Blog

My take on the background to all this upheaval is that the ‘gamification’ of the TE business has gone too far and ultimately led to the situation we are in now.

The ‘penny surfers’ are not interested in building a business, building a list. I read some of the comments in chats and forums and people are complaining about not ¬†getting their ‘winning’ of a few cents from surfing…..and I think….you just don’t get it!

Focus on building a list….trust me it’s not hard…what is hard for me anyway is following up on that list…but lets not dwell on that!

Once you have a list no-one can take it away from you….it doesn’t matter in a way if a Traffic Exchange closes down or the owner disappears with a few cents from surfing….ok dollars from your referral purchases are another thing…but the fact remains that building a list should always be a priority when using Traffic Exchanges.

Now another aspect to the current ‘crisis’ is that quite a few Traffic Exchanges have ‘disappeared’ for me this is a good thing….let’s concentrate on those owners who really treat their Traffic Exchanges as businesses not as hobbies.

There are a lot of honest, hard working owners out there who have been around for a long time and a few who are just starting out who appear at the moment to have the business side of things sorted.

I think I have gone on long enough now!

Happy surfing everyone!

2 thoughts on “The good times are coming back….

  1. Hey Keith
    Very very very well said. Looks like those of us with real passion are up and running again! There is absolutely nothing wrong with “penny surfing” but while I wasnt looking (my bad, not that I was 100% in control of my absence!) it grew to dominate our TE World and wrecked what once was an incredibly useful well-targeted traffic source attracting new online marketers especially.

    Well now those of us who care enough will do all we can to restore that and I hope, grow it bigger and better than ever before. Clearly our long term vision as a company is far wider than TE’s but our short-term focus is to do all we can, for all we can, in this marketplace so it recovers as fast as possible and as well as possible.

  2. Thanks Paul
    I agree penny surfing is ok as long as they are not surfing for my advertising dollars lol!

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