Continuing the +1 journey

Real easy one for step 2….Make a mistake!

I guess the big mistake was believing I could write one post a day….sooo lets make it one post a week!

Though I can already see a possible problem with that in 2 weeks time….but hey ho…lets not look too far ahead!

Another mistake I know I have been making is spreading myself too thin and not focusing. What I mean by that is that I am a member of sooo many traffic exchanges that it is really impossible to surf them all to keep sites in rotation. What I will be doing and I have already started is to focus on a small number of exchanges and close my account at others.

I want to use co-ops more such as …

Other co-ops are available!

The idea being is that I will get my sites in front of a wider audience than I possibly could on my own.

I am sure some will see a flaw in this…comments welcome!

Allied to this is what I am advertising has got a bit random…though over the last couple of weeks that has and is changing….thank goodness for rotators!

Want to share your mistakes…please make a comment!

Stay tuned for step 3!

Oh! And watch out for the Blog Carnival!

One thought on “Continuing the +1 journey

  1. Does giggling count as a comment?

    I’ve made every one of those mistakes and dozens of others. The key here is that you ARE doing stuff. It’s just a matter of schedule:)

    I now know that I am not Seth Godin. A post a day is impossible for me. Three a week is the best I’ve ever been able to sustain. Those badge hunt dailys really took it out of me.

    Keep on keeping on, Keith. You are onto something here!

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