That time of year again…..

…..that I make another blog post!

I generally work on the principle that if you have nothing to say then don’t tell anyone!

However….A couple of weeks or so ago those nice people at TimTech launched a new ‘evergreen’ product/ebook/program….Plus1Success.

In case you haven’t heard about it, basically it is all about doing a little extra each day and those little extras eventually turn into big extras, then into bigger extras and so on.

Plus1 has been a principle of Jon Olson and TimTech for some time and I started to do it in a small way some 1011 days ago when I decided I would log into ClickTrackProfit everyday. Since then I have had periods of logging into various traffic exchanges – the ones which have the loyalty bonuses for surfing 50 or more pages everyday but those have fallen by the wayside..oh well!

I am also logging in daily to TrafficExchangeBrand  Рcurrently I am in second place to Jon Novak РRewards4 Surfing and GlacierHits Рat both those exchanges I pick up prizes in the weekly jackpot. I am also doing my 10 at Sweeva.

Now whilst I do not have hard documented evidence I know myself that I am picking up referrals, commissions and subscribers to my lists by being active in one way or another everyday.

Anyway back to the original point of this post….Plus1Success sets out 30 actions the idea being that you do one a day and to quote from the book “I hope to give you some awesome ideas on how you can implement the +1 model into your business and life with 30 actionable and achievable steps that are very easy to implement.”

What I intend to do starting 1st August is to go through the action steps on this blog Рfirst thing I need to do is print it out so I can keep it close to hand Рactually first thing I need to do is buy ink for my printer!

I’ll keep you posted!

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10 thoughts on “That time of year again…..

  1. Looking forward to reading this Keith….I loved what you did when you sponsored the badge on CTP….The hashtag and XP prize were brilliant!

  2. Thanks Jon – The badge sponsor thing I picked up from TELive the other day – I can’t make the live show but I do try and watch the recordings!

  3. Hey Keith

    Great post, man! (I may have cheated, I read it a couple of days ago:))

    It’s the little things, it’s always the little things that make profound impact in my life. Small changes followed every day make a huge impact on my life!

  4. Keith you make a great point about things we can do everyday with in this industry, like 10 at Sweeva, really I don’t have time to do the ten? There are lots of ways the Te’s set up almost like automatic no brainer Plus Ones. If someone doesn’t know where to start…pick one of those TE’s and create a daily habit.



  5. I also have read your article when you published it, Keith. And the follow ups. A plus one for me would be to comment more often on articles I read.

    Blogging daily to show progress would have meant a fantastic effort. I have a one post per month minimum target and failed at that… twice I think.

    I hope you keep going with this initiative Keith!

  6. This post reminds me that right now consistency is my major
    drop off point. I get easily distracted by this and that. It has been
    better since I started +1 but I am still trying to sort out all the things
    I have to do versus all the other things I could be doing! Like which
    TE do I surf first and when.

  7. Nice post, Keith. And nice streak of doing your +1 everyday. I also like how you told us everything you are doing right now, keep it up.

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