That was some summer

After the first couple of months or so of this year I was becoming a little disillusioned with this online stuff and was seriously thinking of packing up and going back to a more normal online life.

Then a couple of things happened – firstly I started to attend the Affiliate Funnel Saturday Spreecasts hosted by Marci Jones then TimTech introduced the ClickTrackProfit Teams and I started to get some enthusiasm back.

I joined a CTP team under the leadership of Nick Grimshawe as I had recently joined his Learn With Nick site which gives excellent training for ClickTrackProfit itself – CTP of course has great training for the Traffic Exchange world.

As I got into the team concept I got my enthusiasm and motivation back and at the start there were ideas and plans floating around to take our team to places other than chasing XP to be the top team in the Premier League. As it turned out I think we might hold the record for the most promotions and relegations!

There were a few changes to the team as people left and others joined but it became clear that for the last couple of months or so the enthusiasm and motivation in the team was dwindling with only a handful of us doing any surfing for XP. For me this was taking up a lot of time but I still hoped that it was for the greater good. However in November Nick had to step down as team leader due to other commitments and despite Steve stepping into the breach and leading from the front despite, or maybe because of a personal tragedy, the writing was on the wall.

So as of yesterday CTPMasters is no more – it was a great ride and great fun while it lasted.

But we have to move on and at least I have time now to write a blog post rather than send out the daily message to the team and try and get as much of the Daily Challenge as I can! Plus I can surf some of the other exchanges that are not in the DC, Vaults or mines!

I also had a couple of projects developing in my mind before CTP Teams so I can try and develop those a bit more now…..another benefit of the CTP Teams is making connections with people who I think may be able to help – so it wasn’t all about chasing XP after all!

I shall sign off by wishing everybody who reads this a really good Christmas and a prosperous New Year!


2 thoughts on “That was some summer

  1. Well said Keith. I enjoyed the months on the team as well.

    Now I have more time for my paid to click blog! LOL

    Merry Christmas Happy New Year! Keep in touch!


  2. Great post, Keith. It’s really good to have you back in the saddle and blogging.

    That said, I am sorry for the price. I have a fair handle on the time commitment that CTP teams take, and I certainly understand it. In all honesty, I am glad to see CTP Masters disband as a contender rather than just sink into the ooze of the non players.

    One door closes, another opens.

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