So you joined a traffic exchange…what’s next?

Confession – I have been sucked into CTP Teams!

As a result I am doing more surfing than I have done in a long time and to keep those points coming for my team I am joining more traffic exchanges.

Which got me thinking about all the things I do before I actually get to surf…..

After clicking on the verification email and logging in…

1) Save login details

2) Add site

3) Complete profile

4) Add exchange to

  • TECommandpost

  • Affiliate Funnel

  • TrafficBrowser

  • BrandMeTool

  • FreeTECredits and check for bonuses

  • TrafficCodex and check for bonuses

  • DownlineBuilderElite – still trying to get my head around that!

  • TrafficExchangeList

5) Surf – oh no – need to set auto allocation!

5a) Surf!

6) Add Banners

7) Add text ads

I am sure there are some things I have missed off – for example branded ebooks – need to check if they have to be updated too!

Did someone say they know how to a earn gazillion dollars without working?


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