Are you using WordPress?

Like many people I am using WordPress as the basis for this blog after all it is very easy to use and there are loads of ways to customise it.

But is your username the default – admin?

I remember some time ago reading that it should be changed to prevent hackers from accessing your content but not being particularly technically minded I didn’t do anything after all it’s not as if I get lots of traffic to it!

However I am on one of Sunny Suggs lists and she has been recommending plug ins for wordpress  one of which is Wordfence which amongst other things lets me know if anyone has tried to log in by using admin as the user name. It is a bit of an eye opener to receive emails from Wordfence detailing attempts to log in! 

So time to do something about it – a bit of research  and I discovered this post which even I can follow and as a result have changed from admin to …… as if I’d tell!

==> Change Your WordPress admin Username

It will be interesting to see if there are any more attempts to log in.

During the process you have to use a different email to set the new user up I found that after deleting the admin user name you can change back to your original email.

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