The Badge hunt is coming to an end

The ClickTrackProfit 3rd Birthday badge hunt ends tomorrow February 28.

It has been great fun as usual – my favourite badge was Sunny Suggs involving 7 or 8 clues till it was found. Some are easy to claim – sign up for a list or a program others more difficult well for me anyway! Especially the ones that require a lot of surfing!

I’ve got 53 of 204 at the moment with a chance of getting a couple more before tomorrow.

I have also added to my downlines in BrandMeTool, FreeTECredits, SurfingOldSchool and MrSafelist as people claim my 2 badges :-))). There was a slight hiccup when I had a complaint about not awarding a badge but that was down to my misunderstanding of a message I received and the badge was given as soon as I realised!

Another big plus for me is making connections with people such as Erica LaRoss, Randy Sult joining DoubleNiceTraffic, BoB, vTrafficRush, ListBuildSurf and others. Getting on peoples lists and getting ideas for how to build my list from the information I am receiving from them.

I’ve loved it – ┬áhope you have too and if you don’t know what it is all about then join ClickTrackProft straight away and get ready for the next hunt!

And if you got this far…how about a badge….or two!




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2 thoughts on “The Badge hunt is coming to an end

  1. Nice summary, Keith. Your post and reactions are precisely what drive the badge hunts.

    I for one, am glad this one is near over. I’m sure I’ll be looking forward to the next one, but right now I’m tired:)

    Great post, thanks!!

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