Watch Out – February Is Going To Get Badgey

I don’t know if Badgey is a word (I guess not if spell-check is anything to go by!).

But the badgehunters are going to be out in force which means plenty of activity and fun in TE Land.

One of my favourite programs ever – ClickTrackProfit –  is celebrating its 3rd birthday and from February 10 till the end of the month a whole bunch of badges are going to be released.

Why? you may ask.

For starters there is a prize of $500 for finding the most badges plus there are 1000 $0.50 random prizes to be won when you claim one.

As a badge owner they are great for increasing activity on your site, getting subscribers to your list, getting signups – whatever, the thing is you decide how, when, where, what.

As an example here is part of the code for one of my badges……CEF51

Now I wonder where the other half is going to be? 

You will have to wait and see!

If you are not a member yet just click on the banner and get ready for the fun!


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