January – nearly over and didn’t go to plan

Here we are with the first month of a new year nearly over and the plans I made at the end of last year in tatters! Well maybe not but I didn’t get done what I wanted to get done as I’ve had a cold/flu virus – started with it on New Years Day and today is the best I’ve felt since then plus I am on holiday from my offline job this week so plenty of time to catch up – in theory!

At least I have been able to stick to my daily tasks – surfing at least 10 at Sweeva, completing daily bonuses at TrafficSwirl (great way of increasing Twitter followers there by the way!) viewing ads at Nerdbux, being active at SurfSavant and logging in to ClickTrackProfit.

I managed to join 3 programs this month. The first had been on my radar for awhile…..


Learn With Nick is a great training program for ClickTrackProfit – although I have been a member of ClickTrackProfit almost since it started and know my way around it there is always something that can be learnt from others experiences plus it is a great ‘bait’ to get people to join CTP.

You can join Learn With Nick for free and get some valuable information to see if CTP is right for you – upgrade and you get a whole bunch of benefits.

It is an addition to my Highly Recommended List!

The second program I joined was from someone I have got to know over the last few months and he writes an excellent blog – link over on the right – Tom Wacker.

Trackery.me does for trck.me what Learn With Nick does for CTP – again free to join with some great training but there is a very affordable upgrade.

Another addition to my Highly Recommended List.

Finally the third program is less than 24 hours old as I write this….


I’m not one to jump onto launches but this is from Stephane Tourigny ably assisted by Dan Moses and Lee Chapman and when it is supported by TimTech I knew it would be good so I dived straight in and got one of only 20 lifetime upgrades for an insane price.

There is such a lot to this traffic exchange and a whole bunch of ways of getting traffic other than surfing – though that is an enjoyable experience with some big names in the TE world in the chat yesterday evening when I was there!

I recommend you go check it out.

That’s all folks!

2 thoughts on “January – nearly over and didn’t go to plan

  1. Aw Keith, so sorry to hear the flu got hold of you too. I started getting sick three days after Christmas, Brian got sick soon after (and he’d already been sick once in December), and we were both miserable for weeks – in my case it knocked me almost totally out of commission for about a full three weeks! I managed to drag myself to the computer occasionally for TE Live and CSN, and tried to keep up with the absolutely-must-do’s, but for the most part I was useless for those three weeks.

    Finally started feeling better and seeing light at the end of the tunnel and then wham! – we had a death in the family, which kept me tied up most of last week, though somehow I managed to stay on top of a lot of things throughout the week, just not everything I usually do. And I had been so looking forward to that week to get to some of the stuff I’d had on the back burner, so it was just an awful week all around.

    So relieved this week to sort of be getting back into a normal routine, and hoping maybe I can get to at least some of the things I’d had planned to tackle in January before it’s over!

    Glad to hear you are feeling better, and hang in there! Hope you are able to catch up more real than just in theory, I know all too well how frustrating it is!

  2. I know a lot of people who have suffered with this!

    I am going to try and get to TELive this week!

    Best wishes to you Lynn

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