I Want To Join SurfSkeleton ….Result….

So the result of my little experiment is that I joined SurfSkeleton under Kenneth W Millar and took an annual Skeleton upgrade for $57 (I think!).

I advertised the splash page in

CupofTraffic – 298 hits 69% unique 2 clicks 0.67% ratio

DragonSurf –  693 hits 61% unique 3 clicks 0.43% ratio

Stats from trck.me

I currently have just one splash in SurfSkeleton which has received 973 hits.

Stay tuned as I intend to repeat this once I’ve decided which exchange to join next!

2 thoughts on “I Want To Join SurfSkeleton ….Result….

  1. To be honest Sergio, I have not got a clue! Though comparing them with my other trck.me stats they do appear to be above average.
    It wasn’t a particularly scientific experiment but I will try it again using more traffic exchanges.

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