Yellow Sunday

How’s your Sunday going? After a quite cold day yesterday today is almost tropical by comparison – I’m just waiting for a message from my friend to see if we are going bike riding today – if not then it is a morning of surfing for me!

Anyway – Black Friday is approaching – this is a concept I’m not overly familiar with as we don’t have it over here in the UK but this is a global business we are in and there is no reason why I cant take advantage to build my business!

There are going to be deals galore next weekend and I will definitely be taking advantage – credits, upgrades, lifetimes you name it I’ll be interested.

I already know that TimTech and John Bell have got some great stuff lined up so keep your eyes peeled – if you are serious about this crazy online stuff!

I shall do my best to put what I find on Twitter so why not follow me now…….

Why Yellow Sunday – I don’t know except I’ve always associated Sunday with Yellow!

Have a good one! 

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