Bills Birthday Badge Hunt

Bills Birthday Badge Hunt is on and in case you have been living under a rock for the past few days(!) heres what its all about….

From June 1st through June 30th it’s Click Track Profit’s Bills Birthday Badge Hunt. The event is being sponsored by Click Track Profit as well as traffic exchanges and indeed anyone else who bought a badge (including me).

How it works: The person who collects the most badge hunt badges during June will receive a $500 cash prize!

If it’s a tie, the prize will be split among the top collectors. On top of that during the event there will be $800 worth of 50 cent badges randomly given when members collect the badges.

That’s $1300 total cash prizes!

To collect the badges you need to belong to Click Track Profit. While at CTP click the image for The Badge Hunt. You will find a list of the 240 badges. For each badge just click on it and it will show you a hint on how to find it.

There are loads of fun and different ways to get one – Eric Goettman’s has been the best so far!!!! Some you will find just by following someone on Twitter or maybe signing up to a list or maybe watching a video or maybe just surfing. This is going to be great fun…..

See you around

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