Jumping Around

First of all I’d like to say that I am really trying this year to blog more! I just hope I don’t start writing too much drivel!

Anyway – Jumping Around – not from one program to another but the re-launch of ListJumper. I got plenty of emails about this yesterday and as it has been on my radar for some time I figured that it would be as good a time as any to check it out – especially as there are likely to be special offers on upgrades.

It has been on my radar as it is part of the DarrenOlander/Matt Koshko group of advertising programs – like ListSurfing, Adchiever, ViralNuggett etc – all good sites I’ve had good results from.

I must say I am impressed not only by the look and feel of the site but by the novel features it has which sets it apart from many of the other mailers out there. I sent my first mailing out to 1500 members and got 174 click thrus giving a click thru rate of 11.60% now I know that’s hardly the most scientific of results but Darren and Matt know how to engage their members and its up to me to turn those clik thrus into new sign ups for my list. But as I say I am impressed and have no hesitation in recommending ListJumper to you……Oh and I did pick up a good deal on a monthly upgrade 😉

Here you go….

Explode My List!


And the code NEWJUMPER will come in handy!

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