Listbuilder training like never before

A few days ago ClickTrackProfit – the one stop training for Traffic Exchanges – introduced a training module aimed directly at Listbuilders/Viral Listbuilders/Safelists – call them what you will. This is the first time that the TimTech team at CTP have strayed away from Traffic Exchanges and to do the training they have brought in 2 of the most respected and successful  users of these type of sites…..Darren Olander and Jerry Iannucci.

It was Jerrys’ books Safelist Marketing Tactics and AutoresponderProfitSystem that got me on the road to building my own list and it has been Darrens’ sites such as ListSurfing, BuildMyDownline and ViralNugget that have  brought me many signups.

I have already been through 3 of the training videos and know that I am going to pick up some great tips which I can introduce into my marketing.

If you use Traffic Exchanges – ClickTrackProfit is essential and now if you use Listbuilders then ClickTrackProfit is the perfect way to use them more effectively.

The training will be available to upgraded CTP members – so do check out the OTO if you are not a member.

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One thought on “Listbuilder training like never before

  1. Hi Keith,

    I’m so glad this training has arrived, if the users of CTP start promoting proper sites and using unique advertising it will be so much more refreshing than a lot of the crap that you can sit through when collecting credits.

    Darren’s video training is indeed awesome sauce training, the part about how he sorts out the mailings by calendar is brilliant.


    p.s. Good to be in such illustrious company on the blog roll 🙂

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