Are you Plus One-ing?

I really must get back into posting regularly on here! And the inspiration/motivation for writing today came from my ‘Plus One’ at ClickTrackProfit today.

If you don’t know what ClickTrackProfit is – it is in my opinion the best training I have come across to build a business online. One of the concepts in the training is ‘+1’ or ‘Plus One’ – however you want to say it!

Doing my +1 today and completing one of the training steps involved  watching one of the login lessons again and right after watching I came on here to post!

ClickTrackProfit – don’t just join +1 it!


So…onto other stuff 3 of my favourite exchanges come together for a surf promo today….

TezakTrafficPower, Blue-Surf and HitsBoosterPro

Surf 100 to be eligible for each TEs Prizes.
The More you surf increases your chances of being a Lucky Winner.

*5 Winners of $3.00/300 Credits/300 Banners/300 Texts x3
*4 Winners of 1000 Credits x3
*4 Winners of 1000 Banner Impressions x3
*4 Winners of 1000 Text Impressions x3

If you are really lucky, you can win a prize from each Traffic Exchange.

All the TezakTrafficPower Prizes will appear on the Bonus Page.

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