Love the changes at ViralMailProfits….

Viral Mail Profits has been around for some time and is one of my favourite tools – organizing the many mailers I am a member of. Now it has just got a whole lot better with 3 new automation features…..

  • Automatic Copy & Paste into your mailer – just hit autopaste and when you log into your mailer and go to the send page, your email will be waiting
  • Scheduling – from one email, schedule multiple future mailings – either to be autopasted into your mailer or, if you’re upgraded, to be sent automatically
  • Auto Sending – with one click, your email is scheduled to be sent automatically at the earliest opportunity

Just the ability to choose multiple mailers saves a lot of time…..

ViralMailProfits choose mailers

ViralMailProfits Outbox


Get all the details here….

Viral Mail Profits

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