Did I miss something….

After a weeks vacation it has taken me a little while to get back into the swing of the online world.
Sitexplosion manual traffic exchange

One thing I noticed was the inability to login to SiteXplosion, it seems there have been problems with
all the BAD Marketing sites but SiteX suffered the worst

I don’t appear to have received any emails about this especially as SiteX is one of the Nerd Surfing sites
at ClickTrackProfit after a bit of investigating I found the BAD Marketing blog. It seems that you need to sign up
again and if you had an upgrade send in a support ticket with the details so that your new account can be upgraded.
If you are a member of SiteX and are experiencing problems – here is the link to the blog…
Other News….
Ever wanted to run your own Text Ad Exchange?
Admin For Free are running a great offer at the moment – $6.99 per month gets you a fully loaded
Text Ad Exchange with live online support and marketing support too….
To check out the offer….
==> Hit2Hit – #1 ranked exchange on Traffic Hoopla and #9 at Affiliate Funnel is having a 2-4-1 sale
on credits today – offers like these are always a good way to pick up extra credits and I always
keep an eye out for offers whenever I login to a Traffic Exchange – especially when I don’t have time
to surf a lot.
Thanks for reading and here is a free report on 50 ways to use PLR (Private Label Rights)….
To your success
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