TopTierMailer Makes Mark

How is your week going in [imwb_cgt_cityName]? For once I have had some time to surf the traffic exchanges but today I want to tell you about a new mailer/listbuilder/safelist – I never know what to call them!
Here is the link TopTierMailer if you don’t want to carry on reading.
TopTierMailer, the latest program from Matthew Graves, launched a little over 5 weeks ago
and already has over 4000 members and is ranked #5 at List Hoopla. If you have already joined
you will be aware of the unique features which have helped to get it ranked so highly so quickly.
If you are not yet a member I recommend you join and explore the members area and discover that
TopTierMailer gives you three different ways to get a list of thousands to email,  First, you can refer members to TopTierMailer and then email them for life without using any credits.   If you upgrade to Premium, you can even email all 6 levels of your downline, without needing a single credit.  You can add to your downline by being active at the site and getting an Earned Downline every Sunday night.  You can earn up to 1,092 members that you can email in addition to those downline members you personally refer.  The more you click on emails from other members, the more downline members you get on Sunday night!
If you want to email even more members, you can use Mailing Credits that you earn by reading other member’s emails and clicking the links
Here is the link again ==> TopTierMailer.
If you upgrade apart from all the other benefits you will get random referrals added to your downline and if any of those upgrade or make a purchase you get 50% commission.
Thanks for reading and here is a free report about using banners….
To your success
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