Affiliate Marketing – The Right Way

Some time ago Sunny Suggs was a big(ish) name in the Traffic Exchange world – owning BootScootinTraffic – which was one of my favourite exchanges for a time. She wrote a number of ebooks including All About Traffic Exchanges then disappeared from the TE world. Well now she is back after using the marketing skills she picked up to cash in on the Affiliate Marketing world outside of Traffic Exchanges with a new membership site called Easy Affiliate Marketing.

In it she has step by step videos revealing the strategies she uses to make a living from selling affiliate products

I have been watching these videos and picked up some very useful tips. See how she sorts through all the available products on Clickbank and then watch as she sets up a new website with a WordPress blog in just minutes.

There are more than 10 videos where you look over Sunny’s shoulder as she goes through the proven steps to select an affiliate product, set up a new website, and monetize the site for hands-free income.

You’ll get videos on:

*  Deciding what affiliate products to promote
*  Setting up a website (WordPress blog)
*  Placing ads
*  Getting easy traffic, and more

Sunny even shows where to get pre-written content you can use to attract information seekers to your blog through the search engines.

The best part is this training is totally free. Check it out!


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