Traffic Exchange Christmas

Ten top traffic exchanges have come together to spread some holiday cheer. Starting today, December 22nd until January 5th.

Each day the participating exchanges are going to have:

5 Winners of 250 Credits
4 Winners of 500 Credits
3 Winners of 1,000 Credits
2 Winners of 2,000 Credits
1 Winner of $5

There is nothing for you to claim, just see which exchanges are participating for the day and surf 250 sites or more in each one for your chance to win at each traffic exchange.

Each one of the TE’s will draw their own winners at the end of the day and award their prizes. On Day 13 and 14 there will be six exchanges involved, in addition to the above listed prizes each exchange will also be haiving:

3 Winners of a top level 2 Month Upgrade
2 Winners of a top level 3 Month Upgrade
1 Winner of a top level 6 month Upgrade

And on Day 15 all ten exchanges are involved, in addition to the above listed prizes each exchange will also be giving away:

A top level 1 Year Upgrade for one lucky surfer.

Plus, each traffic exchange have Credit Specials. Each will try to keep these deals going for the entire 15 days, but all have the right to remove them at any time if too many are sold so don’t wait too long to grab them or they could be gone before you get a chance.

You can follow all the happenings on the Traffic Exchange Christmas Blog. All links on the blog are TE Command Post jumplinks too.

Just click the banner below for all the details….

trafficexchange christmas

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