The Beauty of a Rotator

I guess I really should get back to using this blog for it’s intended purpose!

So I want to write about the beauty of having a rotator to handle my Traffic Exchange advertising. I received an email this morning about a new Traffic Exchange promotion called TEMAYHem – sponsored by Traffic-Splash and TECommandpost in which 20 Traffic Exchanges are combining to award bonuses of 1000 credits each day.

There is a special splash page promoting this…

Now as I am a member of over 40 exchanges and I know others are members of many more how do you get that splash page shown in all those exchanges without loging into each one and adding/verifying the site – which is going to take sometime?

Easy – with a rotator.

In all my exchanges I have at least 1 TEToolbox rotator so all I had to do is login to TEToolbox add the new splashpage url and hey presto there it is in all the exchanges. Of course to make sure there are plenty of credits allocated I just login to TECommandpost and can see at a glance which exchanges I need to login to, to allocate, surf for or buy credits.

So there it is – the beauty of a rotator!

Grab yours here – and a bunch of other essential Traffic Exchange marketing tools…

And to keep in control of your advertising….


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